Frequently asked questions about an online interactive catalogue

To help you in your decision process, we answered some our clients’ top questions.

Q: Why is a catalogue better than a .pdf file?

A: The .pdf file is a static document with no interactivity. It cannot give you any analytics regarding the amount of time or the number of pages your customers have viewed. Also the PDF is generally a large file that can take minutes to download and it is not user friendly, particularly on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Q: Do I need a platform subscription?

A: No, you don’t pay a monthly fee. You pay for each individual brochure you require, and if you have reoccurring projects we will be able to reduce your cost on follow up flipbooks. You can choose from a wide range of features to create the online brochure that matches your needs and your budget!

Q: Why is our catalogue solution better than an automated platform?

A: There are many benefits of using our catalogue solution over using an automated platform, we will only mention a few of them:

  1. We do all the work for you. With most automated platforms you end up spending hours trying to get the final product to look good and work the way you want.
  2. Much better interactivity. With most automated solutions the user interaction is limited to flipping pages. We give you interactive zones, search tools, integration to social media, links back to your website, interactive forms. We are even able to create a shopping basket within the catalogue, or update pricing and availability from your back-end system.
  3. Tracking of user activity. We give you access to a full range of analytics about how the users interact with your online catalogue: pages they viewed, actions they took, time spent on pages and/or products.
  4. Level of customisation. We are able to completely customise the end product for you, from graphics and animations to integrations with social media accounts and back-end databases.

Q: How long does it take to have my flipbook online?

A: The duration varies for each project depending on the complexity and the urgency asked by the client. We have turned around large projects in a matter of days. We do offer express delivery at extremely competitive rates.

Q: Which online catalogue features do I need in order to engage more users?

A: From basic to pro, we have a comprehensive set of features available. As part of the free quote process, our sales team can recommend you the best features based on your specific requirements and budget.